Monday, February 18, 2013

The Shortest Branches

of our family tree........ arrived late on a Friday night along with their little tuxedo havanese, Tipster, to spend a weekend with us.  It turned out to be busy and eventful.  While the "short ones" parents were enjoying some grown up time, all by themselves from Saturday to Monday lunch time. Checking out some charming places in the Bay.. Tiburon, Sausalito and San Francisco. A brief break in the "normal" whatever normal is? While they were away...

We had some music.

Cooking lessons.  Mini swedish pancakes were made.  Oatmeal Lace cookies.  Pizza with Cheese. Mashed potatoes, roast chicken with gravy, carrots cooked in OJ and glazed with honey.

Little brother learned that REAL Maple Syrup actually tastes good with those pancakes! That was a biggie..

a good thing since there was no Aunt Jemima in the house:(  Yea, the REAL deal worked!

There was some entertainment.  "Lost In Space" as seen by the short ones Daddy when he was about as tall.  The Movie "Hugo"was also  enjoyed by us all.

Willing the pizza dough to rise.

Ball playing with walnuts! Some of us actually  cracked loads of walnuts for baking and eating.

Playing outdoors.

Visiting, grooming and loving the horses,

saddle on..

buckles buckled..

helmet where it belongs

then finally.  The ride!

There was a helping hand.

and great concern as to where to place ones feet with all that "stuff" from the horses on the ground...let's call it "moon walking" or "tip toeing avoidance" ..

then a happy face,

 another turn around the arena.

"slime" in the water trough.  Fun stuff for one, super gross for the other!

The little shoes at the door are now gone ,

and the "bunk house" is cleaned up..... but boy,  was it fun!
Even the tooth fairy had to come!

Then it became VERY empty and quiet Monday afternoon.
Mister Kitty who was ever vigilant, keeping track of the little "munchkin" doggie Tipster,  slept for two days!

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