Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coffee or Tea

For us, it is coffee in the morning.  Fresh ground.  The exact amount!  Into the clean glass container.  The french press, purchased in Copenhagen many years ago!  On goes the water at a rolling boil.  Five minutes, no more, no less, timer turned on, then down with the plunger!

Aaaaah that first sip!

Our  own barista, Miss L  have been supplying us with many  extra bags of coffee and lovely cans of tea!

We have also been the fortunate recipients of some VERY  special coffee roasted by a family friend.  Who also brews beer by the way!  Well, perhaps not at the same time;-)

He, Ryan Mc.  has adopted the quote, "coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love" or was it "hot as hell, black as night, and strong as love", with a bit of "as pure as an angel" thrown in there somewhere?  A spin on a Turkish Proverb?  Heck, I like it either way.


in the afternoon,  after the mid day walk with the "beautiful one" or if we get a visit from the Mother of the barista, a cup of tea, te', or the' (depending on how you choose to spell it) "sits" just right!  Earl Grey, Himlagott or Chai?  Those are some of my favorites.

Such shear pleasure!

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