Monday, February 25, 2013

Beauty and Harmony Around

No day is another one like, yet they follow each other endlessly.

We are part of all those that we have met.

Everything we have ever done.

Experiences we have had

become  part of who we are,


Pressed, molded

and contained.

Recently a good friend and a former neighbor lost a Mother.

A  much loved cousin  was informed  she needs surgery on a hip.

A blogger friend, a woman with young children, is finding her life altered

diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a debilitating condition to say the least.

A condition changing a life forever.

So, my own complaints

seem small and insignificant..

with stiffness here,

thinning of hair,

increased size of waist,

wondering if Zumba will turn the tide

changing the shape of my body

into looking like I am still in the "30 something"

I once was?

The "30 something" I often imagine myself still to be .

Truly I know that ALL the experiences,

ALL the characters that have played a part in my life, the many good ones, the few not so good ones, have all helped.

Adding interesting layers to my being,

Colorful depths to my soul......

Everything needed to be just as it has been.

This is what I tell myself.  This is what I am thinking...

.. heading down the  beautiful road.



  1. Fortfarande är jag mycket imponerad av dina bilder.

    1. Tack fär Din kommentar ! Vi blir lika glada varje gång!
      Jag har försökt kommentera på Dina trevliga inlägg flera gånger, men kan inte nå Dig nu, av någon anledning;-( Uppskattor Dig också!