Friday, February 8, 2013


In swedish there is an expression that one has "LANDED" once you find your right place.
There was a period a while back that  seemed very long..... the time while we were looking for a place to live.

Were we EVER going to find a place we liked in a neighborhood where we would like to be?  It seemed then, as it was going to be an impossibility fulfilling even some of the demands on that list,  much less most of the items on the wish list!

During our walk this morning we both reflected on how close to being perfectly satisfied we really are!

Yes we miss Krapperup Castle, Svedberga Hill, walking along the coastline in Farhult, in Jonstorp and Viken yet this is an amazing region with a totally different kind of beauty.

Sweden has a beauty about it that is indescribably fabulous.  The varying seasons making it even more so, but then THIS is REALLY good too.

California with it's "two seasons" the green one and the gold one, the  cool one and the warm!

Due to "the beautiful one" we are becoming "famous"  in this area.  Ralle has his fan club!

Not a single day goes by when we are not approached by strangers who stop their car, or their golf cart, or make a point to come our way to greet and touch the Ralle.

We also meet lot's of other dogs who enjoy sniffing and nuzzling with Ralle.

The name Ralle is difficult for people to pronounce it seems... so Ralle has become "Ralph" to  some...  Hi Ralph!  How is Ralph?  Morning Ralph!  Pretty cute... pretty funny!

Right now we have the season for Daffodils and Paper Whites with Birds of Paradise and Calla Lily blooming between the orange, lemon and lime trees.  Not bad if I may say.

This is a good place to be.  I do think we have landed!  Landed right!  I am reminded once again, that it all seems to work out for the best!

"Everything will be good in the end.  If it is not good, it is not yet the end!"

This is PERFECT!

Now I better get back to stirring my fresh batch of Musli toasting in the oven, or as we call it over here,  Granola...... that should keep me busy for a while.

So until we decide to take off to Costa Rica this is home!;-)

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