Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy First Friday 2013

In she came with her handsome brother in tow, dressed to kill, with shoes that could, our firstborn grand girl.  Put on an apron and helped prepare the Nutella Eggnog we all yearned to try, while waiting for Santa!  It was a busy kitchen and a full  and happy house.

Christmas came, Christmas went. Now the house and our lives are adjusting to "normal".
The tree is gone, the decorations too.....Oh, what a lovely time we had!

Nice that Mother Nature is not as fastidious, she has left some of her decorations  in place.

There was a break in our routine this week with a quick trip to Monterey, the former sardine capitol, John Steinbeck's Cannery Row.....

the beach

the meandering walkways

with it's vivid display of color.

Then back to our disassembly. Removal of  special treasures  from friends,

even changing the shadow play on the wall.

Ending the week with reflecting on our time with family, the pleasures, the food, the gifts.  Feeling as content as the cat in the reflection of our neighbors window.
Happy Friday Everyone!

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