Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ten Resolutions to LOVE

Headlines in our first issue of the AARP Bulletin for 2013.
It was fun to read to say the least.....
We have it "down" David and I.

So the ten points read as follows:

1) Have a party, invite your friends and neighbors. Folks that are social live longer!

2) Adopt a pet.

3) Choose chocolate.

4) Enjoy your coffee.

5) Raise a glass. Of wine or beer.

6) Have sex!

7) Listen to your favorite music.

8) Take a nap.

9) Go au natural. Aaaah,  fooled you!  Get out doors, out in nature is what they suggest!

10) Get rid of the antibacterial soap, use natural cleaning products.......

Not a bad list I say!

Yep, I LIKE this list from beginning to end ! ;-)

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