Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Afternoon

A warm morning walk.  Hey, what happened.. worked up a sweat not even trying!

The mornings here have been cool and sometimes frosty lately.  Not this morning.  When we left for our morning walk with the "beautiful one" around 8am it was already plus 50 degrees F.

A Swedish memory.

Time for puttering after that.  The never ending vacuuming done, chicken placed in a balsamic, rosemary, garlic, honey and soy marinade to soak up the flavors.  David playing with his camera.

Letters written to friends, while it was raining.  Good use of a grey hour.

The surrounding mountains are turning a velvety green.

After the rain this afternoon we got in to the car for a short outing in the country side.  David checking for possible cycle paths, a little time for a camera shot or two and a short walk down a country lane for Ralle.

The down South gang had 1/2 planned a week end visit.  The Golden Gate Dog Show is on at the Cow Palace.  But drowning in too much work, the bacon earner had no chance of escape.  Boohoo!

Now the plumped up chicken parts are roasting in the oven.  The Balsamic marinade is reducing into a crimson glaze, to be brushed on the chicken before serving, sprinkled with sesame seeds and parsley.

This is a favorite dish at Casa Palos.  Suitable as a snack, dinner or lunch.  Fabulous warm or cold........ maybe something for the Super Bowl Party in San Jose next week end?  We will see.

Met some kids from a party at the lodge.

Maria and Ray dropped by from a drive they had taken in the foothills south of Hollister.  We took the dogs for a late afternoon walk and later had some chicken.

Happy weekend all!

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