Monday, April 23, 2012

Petter Polacek's Wonderful Bread!

Bröd Kultur = Bread Culture.  Well, let me say, this place has IT!
There are a few "Gold Nuggets" around .........

We have some favorite places let me tell you, where the staff, the products, and the ambiance is superb.  On top of that list is Petter Polacek's Bakery where he bakes sour dough bread with love, with care and with pride in his stone oven creating aaah, lovely loaves with that characteristic crust that is so good and the inside, well you just have to try it.

Having lived near San Francisco where sour dough bread is a big part of that cities culture I must admit that Bröd Kulturen at Henry Dunkers Place is well, kicked up a few notches.

Petter never hurries his dough as he lets it raise overnight.  Using whole grains, no chemicals, various kinds of fiber, flax and other seeds such as toasted sunflower seed, fruits and nuts as well as grains from a local micro brewery previously used in the fermentation of the beer.

As you can see there are assorted and various other hard to resist temptations!  Cinnamon, cardamon sweet bread, brioche, catalans and scones are among other yummies.

Choosing is never easy.
What now seems a long time ago our former neighbors, Ann Britt and Bosse, mentioned that they loved shopping there....... they live in Mölle.  When I was at the bakery picking up a baguette a while back I struck up a conversation with another customer waiting her turn, she told me that she now has discovered "THE BEST".   She simply cannot shop for bread anywhere else.  She drives to Helsingborg from Höganäs.


So if you "build it" and put love into what you do it can pay off!  Hopefully Petters customers will tell him how glad they are that he is there at four in the morning baking his delights for them and for me.

We just did!
Today you can even find Petter's breads at Oldsbergs Ost in Höganäs another one of our most favorite places....... good bread, good cheese and some nice wine what else could one want?

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