Monday, April 9, 2012

"The Antique Road Show"

Ha, Ha fooled you?  This is our version of the "Road Show" as we and our charges zig zag through the village :-)
Sometimes we are six other times twelve, depending on desire and weather the experience is a bit different.  We take a different route or we "push" a different person.  Thanks to Anita who asked if I was interested in helping out on Thursdays to walk with some of the residents at a local elder care facility I have had this pleasure and this time we brought Ralle along.  He was a hit!

He was touched, stroked, talked to, admired and he enjoyed every moment.  The dear lady in purple  was not so keen on him ..... we are not all lovers of dogs.  Yet we had one of the workers at the home come outside to see us asking if Ralle was a Vi'Skaly's dog?  Amazing to me.  I swear Ingela, Pernilla and Kennel Vi'Skaly's is as "world famous" as Ralle.

We "toodle" through the village on our walks, poking around in old parts of town as well as checking out the newly constructed areas, chatting with each other, with the person we are wheeling or with passers by.  It's a wild sight as you can see.  David came along on our walk snapping these images this particular day with Ralle in tow.

The residents many of whom have lived in the village for the major part of their lives will tell stories of where they lived or what they worked with, they talk about Edward Persson, a famous Swedish actor, who grew up, lived and was buried here.  We hear stories of fishing and swimming when we walk to the ocean and gardening another passion for many as we pass yards now loaded with spring flowers. This group of residents along with their "drivers" enjoying the fact that we are still on the "green side" of the grass!

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