Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh, Landskrona at Öresund

We had a delightful evening with friends, who invited us for juniper smoked salmon, and boy was that fish "the best", yes it was!  We talked about how different some things are between Sweden and the US concerning kids working, salary variances, cultural differences and we, in the midst of all that seriousness had a lot of laughs.  It was fun, they are great friends, we appreciate them much.  Then we came home to Ralle who was thrilled to see us.  We LOVE that Pyrenees!  He is our boy.  Yes, Mister was glad too but it's different with cat love. :-)
We wake up to an unusually bright morning with a full moon hanging in the sky "like a big pizza pie" to copy Dean Martin, outside our window.

While the coffee is brewing the candles are lit, a regular morning ritual at our house.  How we love this glow while we sip and nibble.

Destination Landskrona........ Off we go, but first a little short stop to ... yea you know, morning business break.

The car is headed southward along the coast

this clear beautiful morning

past farms and meticulously groomed fields.  Breathtaking!  Beautiful!  Incredible!

The Citadel Castle is our destination.

Built for war in 1549 The Citadel is the best preserved water fortress in Scandinavia.



With not one but two moats surrounding it.

 The castle is very impressive as are the massive earthen walls.

This bright beautiful day with  low clouds above

we can hear the swish swosh of wings and

see swans who appear to be looking

for some familiar landmark

 in a desire to find a place to land.

So they do, with skill and grace.

What a sight!
What a delight!
What a privilege!

Following the path around the fortress we find fishermen hoping to catch dinner.  Wondering, so what fish is it that lives in this awesome surrounding?

Just look!  Wouldn't you want to live here too?

A Swedish Lion is proudly standing watch on one of the ramparts looking for intruders.

We take the same road home marveling over how different it looks from this opposite perspective. Passing many lovely homes and the always glorious scenery.

Another perfect outing, what a great morning.  Now home for a little lunch.  Tuna Salad Sandwich anyone?

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