Sunday, May 6, 2012

Up Up and Away-- Here We Go!

Mister and Ralle Maud's bed

It has been a true adventure!

Spring in Laholm



Four amazing years during which time we have learned so very much.
How fortunate we have been to have had this opportunity.
To have lived in this post card pretty country.



We have met many new wonderful friends.  These friends showed us kindness, helped us, and offered us good advice.  These friends made it less difficult for us to navigate our way thru the Swedish culture.  Thank you all for your consideration, support and friendship.



During all those years living in America I yearned to GO HOME!  Having visions of life as neat, clean well organized, green and pleasant.  But, somewhere deep down, there was some sense of the less pleasant aspects of Swedish culture.  But, that gut feeling, I suppressed and I just knew that those things that I recalled as negative must have changed!


It has been a great "ride" as they say!

Poppy and Ralle in Jonstorp

Great Friends

It is important for me to say that my husband is a "champ" willing to support me in this quest.  How many husbands would do that?

Ralle making new friends in Halmstad

During these last four years we have had some great visitors and some even grater visits back in California and Washington State.  We have had friends come and many family members and it has been with utmost pride we have shown them around in this incredible land.

Halmstad Library

These visits in both directions did make us aware however of how much we truly missed our immediate family.  The visits in either direction was not enough......... we need to be closer!  This was true for our friends as well.

Sailboarders in Farhult

Many discussions and much soul searching ensued and sometime in January we decided that returning to the States was what we wanted to do.  Not forgetting that earlier we said that such a thing would never happen!  It is nice to know it is OK to change ones mind.  We weighed all our options, looked under every rock of our being, and decided that this was the right thing to do.

Melbystrand typical yard

Melbystrand typical summer house

Put the "fun house" up for sale, and ouch, it sold in about twenty minutes!  We had not expected that!
We will be heading for California since that is where we feel most at home and Lord knows where we will end up.  We have Ralph Lauren the beautiful Pyrenees aka Ralle in tow along with Mister Cat previously known as Miss Kitty......... later on I plan to write a book about traveling LONG distances with a giant dog and a stir crazy cat.

Melbystrand Walk

Perhaps it is true "you can't go back" as so many people have said.  To that I can only say that I am so glad to have tried.  Had I not I would still yearn and still wonder.

Wonderful Spring and Sun

Whatever comes next I can only say that We/I have lived a full life.  If I had to do it over, ALL of it, I'd do it again exactly the same.  No regrets here.

The beaches will soon be filled with sun worshipers

While here David learned a new trade.  I have read lot's of books.  We have met many absolutely fabulous people with whom we will keep connected.  Kennel Vi'Skaly's Ingela and Pernilla, who shared both Ralle and Mister Cat with us, we are forever grateful for their trust and for allowing us all that extra love.  Through them I/We have friends like Stina, Lene, Stoffe, Daniel,Jessica, Arita,Alexandra and many others with whom I feel a special  bond...... the beautiful DOGS!

Taking it all in

Thank you one and all for adding something to our long list of unforgettable memories........

Ralle last footprints in Sweden

Wait, Just Wait...... do we have some stories to tell!

We had a great time

Time for  lunch, a burger hot off the grill ......... we will be off in search of other adventures... let's see what will come ......... exciting it will be!


  1. We've been waiting…welcome back!

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  3. =)
    Underbart att läsa om ert äventyr! Jag uppskattar verkligen att jag fått träffa så fantastiska människor som er.
    All lycka!
    Bamse puss på Ralle nosen!