Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time Flies


Another week kaput, finis, gone--- busy as can be.

A drive to Båstad and beautiful Torekov where Ralle really likes to walk along the ocean.  We do too.

Thursday is a day for the weekly walks with the guests living at a nearby elder facility.  A group of us "young" people take them for a walk, they in their wheel chairs all bundled up to keep warm.  We take them for a spin around the village.  That is a really fun thing to do!  They tell their stories as we wheel along and we get to share parts of their life.

The election circus grinds on in the States.  The Greeks are demonstrating in mass.  Fredrik Reinfeldt is suggesting that the swedes might work until they turn 75 getting citizens up in arms.  The paper writes about how young people who study in America get paid much better and end up with more satisfying jobs.  One out of every ten students from Helsingborg studies abroad.  Approximately 22% of students who study in other countries do so in the States.  People are shooting each other in Malmö.

On Fredrik Skavlan's TV program last night the author of "Men are from Mars and Women from Venus" John Grey, made a total fool of himself.  Poor man, he should have skipped Scandinavia all together!

This evening we will enjoy dinner with friends.

That is "our" week in a nut shell!  Happy weekend to you all......

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  1. hello
    jag hittade äntligen rätt. Ni har så mycket bilder på en omgivning som jag bott vid så många år men inte sett på samma sätt som din kamera.
    Fortsätt med det ett så länge det går.
    kram kära vänner
    Helena B