Friday, February 17, 2012

Making Friends

Yep, here we come!  Where ever we go there is the "MAGNET"!  Ralle simply draws attention where ever he goes.  Truly an ambassador for his breed.

WOW, what kind of dog is that?  Never saw such a large dog!  Can I/We pet him? Those where the excited kids comments...

This week is Sportlov here.  Similar to Spring Break in the States, so many places that otherwise are quiet and empty other than for an occasional dog and his or her owner are presently busy places.  These particular kids were making snowmen, grilling hot dogs, drinking hot chocolate and all having a fun time in the snow.  Yesterday morning during our Svedberga walk we happened upon a big group of little people (preschoolers) hiking across the wooded hill toting sleds.  All excited heading for a clearing with a really nice long hill.  Every one equipped with a back pack most likely filled with a sandwich, fruit and a hot drink.  A nice way to spend a large part of the day.

Many families will head up to the mountains in the northern region of this long country for a week of skiing.  My cousin J-O and his entire "bunch" consisting of children and grandchildren traditionally rent a house every year.  Share cooking chores etc. and have a blast together.

We on the other hand, those of us who are not on Spring Break, simply enjoy each day as it comes. We treasuring every splendid and beautiful moment.

Walking toward the harbor in Jonstorp this particular day we marvel over the color of the water at the edge of the rocky shore....

Emerald-Aquamarine -Amber - Turquoise ---- an iridescent ribbon glittering at the edge of the ice.

The same color as the waterfalls and the incredible ponds in the Grand Canyon where the Havasupai Indians live........ and THAT my dear friends is another story to be told........

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