Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday's Snow and Soup.

After spending a really nice evening with warm hearted and genuine people who treat us to great food, drink, and nice conversation we go home and hit the sack......... and wake up to SNOW!  Ralle flies out the door to roll and slither in the white stuff.

After a quick stop to pick up some fennel, onions and pears at a store along the way we are off to our favorite nearby castle.

While we are away little Miss Kitty wears herself out bird watching through the window.  Tallow and Seed balls being frantically consumed.  It's hard to find food in the snow so we assist.  Yes, we should have pictures....  we know..

The park is dressed up sparkling white and well dusted with snow when we arrive!

The color of the trees with bare branches seem to have  new shades,

and manicured bushes look like cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Now, when we get home those fennel bulbs, onions and pears that we have in the car, they will be mixed with a little olive oil, cooked for a few minutes before adding water and some apple cider.  Some salt, pepper and a couple of bay leaves tossed in.  Simmer, simmer....... out with the bay leaves, in with the "bolt motor" bzzzzzzzz.

Served with a dab of yogurt and some snipped fennel fronds for lunch, yum, yum... recipe courtesy of David Lebovitz

This rider will need something warm too, when they get home.  We'd be glad to share..

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