Friday, February 17, 2012

Lives Pleasures and Little Annoyances

Weather wonderful!  This mornings dog walk was in full sunshine through parts of Pålsjöskogen and around some nearby fields.  Then a quick visit to Helsingborg before heading back home.

Coast Guard in Helsingborg Harbor

Great day with the Senior Stroll.  Slippery roads made us "walkers" glad to have wheelchairs to hang on to!  It is great to have been asked to participate in this activity.  Some of these residents are sharp as tacks and teach me a thing or two.  There are also stories being told about this house or that.  So history lessons as we go.  These walks are highlights not only for the senior residents but for me as well. Chuckle at the term "senior residents" ... like we who are not residents, (yet) we who wheel them around, are a bunch of Spring Chickens :-)

Then to the........ where did I leave my key?  Oh NO I am late!  Long line at the grocery store Grrrr...... Why is there no Ramlösa Original on the store shelf?  And the milk CARTON!  We purchase milk from a local creamery in an effort to support farmers as nearby as possible (incidentally this creamery Skånemejeriet recently became Danish and is according to the newspaper soon to be French owned).

But, back to the CARTON!  It is no longer a Tetra carton.  My guess is the company (like everyone else) is trying to save a buck or two. They must have purchased a cheeper version of the milk carton........ the quality and the construction is similar but NOT the SAME and it is driving me to distraction.  When you open the top it tears incorrectly so milk flows in strange directions.  When one grabs a hold of the box the sides "implode" and the milk wells out of the top!  Not a good way to start the day as the milk ends up on the counter if we are lucky, or on the floor rather than in the coffee.

Boy, am I glad I got THAT off my chest!  Feel better already.  Now, out we go with the beautiful Ralle .. it's going to be a grand day!


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  1. The cheap milk carton is a plague on all of us. Over here on the other side of the Atlantic, the water bottle is getting thinned down to where the same happens if you grab it on the wrong surfaces.

    Gorgeous pictures, as usual. David's pictures are superb and his camera must be a beaut, even if some people over there think he has too much camera.