Monday, February 13, 2012

Mondays Snow and Ice -14c.

WOW, what a morning!  The night was foggy creating frost that clung to everything!

Good morning Sunshine......

Theodore's, Fredrika's and Sigrid's house was nestled among trees that looked silver...

With the "wind giants" towering way above the mist!

The snow, the ice  and bright sunlight in Farhult made it seem like you could see forever!

It was an especially busy morning for the geese.  Flying and landing on and over the ice,  from our vantage point the birds looked like swarming bees.

 the harbor barnacles are frozen solid

Rocks nearby are wrapped in ice with geese in the distance flying and landing, "talking" the entire time.

Strange how when it is so quiet one can hear so MUCH.........

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