Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow and Stress

Shortly after our first sip of coffee early this morning it started to snow!  Nice fat juicy snow flakes.  As good Pyrenees "parents" we load the "kid" in the car and off we go to Svedberga Hill.  Ralle is in seventh heaven as any good Pyr would be.


After our walk we settle in for a planned calm, restful day.  To do a little reading, snoozing and photo editing ......... snuggling with the little Miss Kitty and gazing into those brown Ralle eyes as he likes to lay his head in my lap while I read.  Those big browns are hard to ignore, hard to resist.

Snow Angel
As always Miss Kitty is thrilled when we, especially her buddy comes home.  Starts flying around like a little banchee.....  What on earth ???  she is screeching and screaming, Ralle to the rescue, she is under the sofa, flies up the stairs JINGLING,  up on the bed, back down the stairs, going crazy.....

Well, I have HAD these beautiful fishing lures made by my Grandfather on display, need I say more? Don't ask, please don't even ask just know that somehow she has one of the hook prongs skewered through her upper lip.  She is terrified and so are we.  We finally catch the poor baby, investigate the situation and plan the strategy of fish hook removal.  David the man with some cool, runs to the tool box for the tool, no, needs a stronger plier/cutter, makes the trip again. Seems to me an eternity before he comes back to us.  I don't know who is trembling harder, Miss Kitty or I.  The HERO, the surgeon manages to cut the D....d thing off.  Miss Kitty purrs, my heart is beating out of my chest, Miss Kitty starts playing with her squeaky mouse.  Sort of like a baby who goes from sobbing to giggles in 20 seconds. Incredible..........

Not so calm and laid back an afternoon.  Now for some Roasted Chicken With Chili Essence and Oven Roasted Veggies and I think we need a glass of wine!

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