Saturday, January 7, 2012

Play Date


Down the road from us live a family with three children.  Theodore is the oldest and the first time we met him was when he came to our door to sell Christmas gifts from a mail order catalog before Christmas over three years ago.  Theodore is eleven years old and he has two sisters.  Frederika is nine and Sigrid will soon turn four.



They, like most people regardless of their age have a hard time resisting Ralle so they like to come to visit to play with him.  Now with the addition of little Miss Kitty it is even more fun, they especially like cats and have had a few kitty cat family members of their own in the past.


Yesterday the three children came to visit for another play day.  Miss Kitty had fun chasing peacock feathers.   Ralle was groomed between great big hugs and we all had hot chocolate and saffron and ginger breads.  And Norma Rogers living sculpture has taken on a brand new look.  We all had a great time and after a couple of fun hours the children went off to go skating with their parents.  Both Ralle and Miss Kitty settled down for a nap........

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