Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dinner with Glen Ellen

Helsingborg Hamn

........beautiful day, early morning walk in Pålsjö Skog, loads of smells and in situations like these Ralle can hardly contain himself!  Long walk completed on we go to Helsingborg.  There is a relatively new bakery there named Bread Culture where they bake amazing sour dough bread equally as good or even better than in San Francisco!  We shop there often.  Not only do they have a variety of incredible sour dough breads but also wonderful delectable sweet breads such as Cardamon Breads, Cinnamon Buns and Dance Floors!!  MmMm  Good!

Allerum Kyrka

Second outing in the afternoon to Höganäs.  We needed cat food and we purchase that at Fröhandeln where the staff and the owner are always welcoming.  Good service, well when we encounter that we are thrilled!  Sadly it is hard to come by, hard to find and oh so rare.

Playground in Höganäs

This afternoons walk with Ralle along the harbor turns sour, as someone is shooting off fire crackers and our Mr. Beautiful just wants to go home.  We did just that!

Prep for dinner.  It is after all time for Fredags Mys!  Here most families do not actually cook during the week.  Friday is THE night!  Taco Night, Pizza Night......... whatever strikes the fancy.
We have dinner every night and on this evenings menu we had Panko Crusted Fish, steamed rice and creamed spinach with a bottle of Glen Ellen Chardonnay!  Celebration!!

Glen Ellen is a relatively  inexpensive wine in California.  Perhaps five dollars a bottle depending on  where you buy it.  Purchasing it here, it is MORE than twice the price, still an inexpensive wine according to Swedish standards. ......... we enjoyed every sip, every drop with our Fredags Mos, oh sorry Fredags Mys!

Miss Kitty is always glad when Ralle comes home.

Happy Week End Every One.......

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  1. I was going to write, "Had any catfish, lately?" but I feel for poor little Miss Kitty. Amazing how Rally loves the felines, must have some kitty in him.

    btw, I started to watch the 'The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo' series. Very captivating. I left the video on Swedish language. Cracks me up that Papa and Mama is used there as well.