Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Christmas Cards and Long Friendships

Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

It is the eve of Epiphany or the Twelfth Night as this is written.  Tomorrow another holiday here with most stores closed and Christmas slowly coming to an end.  Christmas lights still glow in the windows after dark but those too will be gone on the thirteenth day of January according to custom.  That being the twentieth day after Christmas.  As the very old but still popular swedish Christmas song proclaims Christmas lasts until Easter!  Now it is time for those Fat Tuesday buns, lent and Mardi Gras.

Near the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite

Time to put "Christmas away" reading and re-reading cards from  family, friends, treasured "old customers" as well as some new acquaintances we sure are glad to have so many people past and present that take the time to stay connected.  We have received phone calls and treasures such as Penny Pies truffles, fudge and that AMAZING fruitcake that her Mom provided us with when we were still at the store.  Sure glad that Penny is keeping that tradition going and can you imagine, she shipped it all the way to Sweden ;-)  Yes we feel special for sure!  Have heard from Cyndi and Steve that "our cats" Houdini and Diffy are just fine making our hearts leap a bit extra happy.......... Yep I like these written lines, the cards that one can feel, touch and convey such a sense of thought and personal feeling with envelopes having been addressed and stamps attached then ultimately delivered by a real live person.  He the mailman in our case who stops to deliver packages, scratches Ralle behind his ear and gives him a treat!


It is hard for me to fall in line with those who suggest that we are kinder to the environment if we don't send cards or take the money we saved on cards and stamps and gave to someone in need.  Not suggesting that if you can help someone like Leslie's Mom and Dad did by picking a family in need and providing presents from Santa for their kids, giving them a boost.


We still hear from Mrs. Mulholland our next door neighbor in San Jose who every year provides us with an update of the old "hood" as well as The Foppiano's  a family we spent so much time with when the children were growing up.  Co-workers from Hewlett-Packard stay in touch still,  along with friends from our own school days both David's and mine.  Added to that we have contact with the  most special people from the Oakhurst Feed days both "crew" members and customers as well as business associates and neighbors.  It is a colorful cavalcade of wonderful people from all walks of life all with their own "story" since every person is a "book" there is not a dull one in the bunch!  We treasure them all......  from Maud, John, Joe, Oscar and Marce to Corky, Russ, Emily, Geri, Paula, Brian the Sheriff and "little" Brian the Soldier,  both Anne and Cathy the artists, Tom, Jana, Nancy and Eileen just to name a few........ we feel so rich and grateful ..

Ahwahnee Hotel

Fresno river

Here are some pictures from way back when.....

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  1. VERY nice pictures! But today’s Yosemite looks a bit bleak for the season since there’s not a speck of snow to be found.