Monday, January 30, 2012

Frozen Friends And Fronds

Brrrrr it got cold, yet what a beautiful morning.  Bright sunshine!  To celebrate we take off to feed our duck friends at the castle ponds at Krapperup.  They see us coming from far away.  Wonder if it is the Ralle dog they recognize.

The ducks had to "skate" to get to the morsels.

How can it be that their little feet don't freeze ?

My fingers did.

The photographers too.

He did manage to catch some nice images however.  You might like them too.

We all enjoyed our walk.  The ducks were glad we came.

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  1. Underbart fina bilder, rogivande på något sätt oxå känner jag mig glad på något sätt av alla vackra kort.

    Kram / Stina