Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stormy Weather at Ryssmöllan

It has been a busy time around our dinner table lately.  Enjoying guests for a lunch date, a couple we have met during one of of our never ending Ralle walks.  Interesting people who have lived and worked in London for the last 20 - 25 years.  She swedish,  he a frenchman both having been involved in the travel industry.  He is a specialist on the Middle East.  Such fun to talk to.  They like us are recent swedish "returnees".

There was Thanksgiving of course.  Nice to share this oh so American tradition with the uninitiated!  Hard to resist those mashed potatoes, the bird, the gravy and all the stuff including yes the stuffing.  That Raisin Chess Pie?  No, it did not meet those high expectations ;-(  Next year Apple Crumb Pie for sure! 

Then last Sunday night we shared an evening of simple food with neighbors who even though they only live across the field they had to drive here..... due to the storm.  It was next to impossible to walk upright! Once here we could barely get the door open to let them either in or out.  Crazy wild weather.  Causing this old mill to creek, groan, and moan.

That was minor however, considering that due to the extreme winds in combination with high tides there were sailboats that ended up on land and cars washed into the sea in Helsingborg harbor.  Cars parked in various families garages along Strandvägen were found as if they had been parked in aquariums.  With the street itself impossible to navigate due to tons of debris.

We have another storm raging this week end. We did however manage a nice long forest walk this morning before it broke loose.  There is not a leaf left on the trees and this past week we had to wade our way through drifts of leaves reaching up to our knees on our morning walks.  Leaves have attached themselves to the field fencing that runs along one walking path creating the most amazing pattern.  The entire forest glows soft grey green. The color of aged copper velvety and verdigris green. 

Walking there removes the cobwebs in ones head, lifts ones spirits and fills the heart!

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