Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Storms Comming

We have had a few very strong storms hit us lately.  There is one brewing now as am writing this.
Many of our everyday walking paths have been hit hard.

This rocky area used to be a foot path.

The pathway here is completely gone.

A section of the pier in the distance is missing.

The area beyond the big rocks was a parking area.

The road to the parking area is gone.
In this area in Jonstorp the water swept inland about 100 meters.  There was a lot of debris and washed out areas far inland.

This pier in Viken was heavily damaged with large sections worn away.

Much of the walkway along the coast near Höganäs was eroded away.
There was a lot of damage at all of the small coastal harbors along the north west coast of Skåne were we live.  There was damage elsewhere in Sweden as well.  Strong winds, high waves, and lots of water.  These strong winds are scary.

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