Monday, December 26, 2011

Troll Hunting

The eerie winged monsters on our way to the forest was an omen of things to come.

Today we decided to see if we could catch a glimpse of a Troll in a forest known to be inhabited by the elusive beast.

We were getting closer.  

As we entered the area of known Troll sightings the hairs on the back of our necks and on our forearms began to stand up and immediately began to give us the shivers.  I was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea.

We caught a glimpse of something or someone heading away from us as if they were trying to get away.

The mist in the air began to feel heavier and heavier.  It was a good thing we had Ralle with us.  He could sense if there was anyone lurking nearby and could warn us of any danger.  I was beginning to get clammy and I felt as if something was trying to suck the life out of us.  I have heard that the Trolls had special powers and could easily overpower us with their ability to wrap their prey in an envelope of thick heavy mist not unlike the sticky web of a spider.

I sent Neta and Ralle up ahead to scout around first.

I took up the rear where I could warn them of any ambush that they may encounter.  I was also in a vulnerable position.

We walked deeper and deeper into the Trolls realm.

Ralle caught the smell of something.

Then up ahead I noticed that Ralle had caught the scent of something.  I began to run ahead and as I got closer a strong stench overcame me.  A smell so putrid that I almost fainted.  It was, as I was told later, the distinctive odor of Trolls.

I thought that maybe we should abandon the search and come back some other time with reinforcements.  One cannot be too careful.  So I got Neta and Ralle and humped it back out of the deep forest.

The Ghost.

On our way back we could see in the distance what appeared to be a woman.  We were glad to see another human being.  But then as we got closer the woman became more and more transparent.  And as we reached the bend in the road she completely disappeared into the mist like a heavy cloud,  We were so scared that we ran back to the car.

It was an adventure that we would never forget.  We will return again someday after we regained our courage.

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