Saturday, December 10, 2011

More of the same...... WINDS

Seemed like a short night, or perhaps I should say there was not much sleeping going on.  Creaking , whooshing, banging......... up early and out the door we go with Ralle in tow.  Destination Krapperup Castle.  Through the park grounds, continuing through the forest then along the edge of the fields, winds blowing like crazy then out on a favored walking path not far from the waters edge then back to the castle.  Beautiful, wonderful no matter what the wind is doing!  Dressed for the occasion we are fine. 

A quick stop in Lerhamn checking on the surf and the waves,

The tide extremely high.

Along the footpath

a herd of woolly Highland cattle grazing

seemingly not in the least bothered by the wind

coming at us from the west.

Fields recently planted are turning green.

Munch on dear cattle we will be back soon.

Tonight we "snuggle in".  The Nobel Gala is being televised from the city hall in Stockholm tonight,  a fabulous affair with medals given to the winners by King Carl Gustav, speeches galore, people dressed to the hilt, three thousand guests eating fabulous food, entertainment and finally dancing!  Not a bad way to spend an evening..

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