Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hurrah for Ralle !

The story about our Champion Pyrenees Ralph Lauren AKA Ralle goes something like this.
He was bred and born at Kennel Vi"Skalys in Löberöd not far From Lund in the south of Sweden exactly seven years ago today.

He became a member of a family "flock" consisting of a Mom, Dad and young children.  They already  had an older dog.  All was well.  Ralle who was the newcomer and young,  accepted the bottom rung in the family hierarchy.

Eventually the older Alpha dog became very ill and Ralle seized the opportunity to become the "numero uno", someone had to be the "leader" after all.
Well, after what I understand, was a long struggle the Alpha dog regained his health and naturally wanted his number ONE SPOT back.
Battles ensued.  Big dog fights are no fun!  With young children living as part of that flock the family decided that as the older dog was there first Ralle was returned to Kennel Vi'Skalys.

He was not happy living in the kennel.

Ingela and Pernilla wanted him to be happy.

We who had been without a dog for as long as we could stand being without a dog started thinking about adding a dog to share our life.  We went to dog shows and naturally gravitated to the Pyr rings since after having lived with two Pyrenees Una and Rontu,  we were hooked!

Should we get a puppy?  Should we get a dog at all?  We would be "tied"!  Should we?  Should we not?  We went to visit Kennel Vi'Skalys!  Oh, what beautiful people!  What beautiful dogs!

Not long after that we received a call asking if we would consider having Ralle live with us?  Hmm? Allowing him to live in a situation where he could be the ONE AND ONLY so to speak. 
Ingela, Pernilla and Daniel came for a visit with Ralle in tow to see if our very unique situation would "work"?  How would it be with Bosse the cat and most importantly would Ralle be able to navigate all the stairs?

The rest as they say is history. 
Ralle spotted the red corduroy sofa in the family room / kitchen took one look climbed up and laid down.  The look in his eyes saying:  "I always wanted one of those"!
He looks so good there!
We love him!
We love Ingela, Pernilla and Daniel too!
We love Vi'Skalys!

Happy birthday to Ralle!

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  1. Hurra och Grattis Ralle!

    Du är ju lika gammal som Tiger, han fyller 7 år den 19 december!