Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Ralle Walks II

This morning we were getting ready for our morning walk.  And noticed our friend the hawk.  He routinely comes around about this time of year and sits on the fence behind our house.  It is a routine we have come to expect.

We were again greeted by hundreds of geese.  This time they were landing in a field near us.  They must be feeding and resting on their flight south for the winter.

This mornings walk take us to Jonstorp by the sea.  This is another place we often like to take our walks.  We often meet and talk with others who also take their dogs for walks here.  You can see on Ralles face that he sees another possible friend.  This Sunday a couple we met here will be coming for lunch.  Ralle will also have someone to visit with.

This early morning a fishing boat is coming back from sea with its catch.

On our walk back to the car we saw this young swan with its mother amongst some ducks.

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