Monday, November 14, 2011

More Ralle Walks

A few days ago we left the house to go for our morning walk with Ralle.  That morning there were hundreds of geese flying south for the winter.  A beautiful sight and the sound of their honking sent us on our walk in style.

We often go for our walk in the nature reserve of Svedberga behind our house beyond a few farmers fields.  It is a great place to walk and Ralle likes it because there is a lot of news to read.

As we follow the footpaths we often come across people on horseback and other nature lovers.  There is also a hawk that we often see in a particular spot in the forest.  There is always something new to see.

Here is Agneta walking through the autumn forest.  It is often also very quiet with no one around because we take our walks early in the morning.  We become so aware of our surroundings and try to see, hear, and feel everything around us.

The changing seasons, the early sunlight, the clouds, and the wind paint new pictures of the same trees hourly.  The forest is a living creature.

Later that afternoon, as we often do, we went for another walk this time to Sofiero Slott about a 10 minute drive.  As we went through the front entrance we saw this young couple leaning against the building looking towards the setting sun and taking in the warmth of its rays.  This vision of love and togetherness warmed our hearts.

Sofiero is a wonderful place to walk and enjoy the wonderful gardens.  There is such beauty here.

On our way home we drove to Höganäs to pick up a few things at the store for dinner.  We went for another little walk by the harbor.

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  1. Whao, a lot of wonderful walking :-)

    Thanks for sharing!