Saturday, November 5, 2011

Can't Have too Many Fall Photos

We had the pleasure of company at dinner Wednesday night, a bit of a "united nations" evening we said! Nationalities a mix of pure natives with some Danish, Greek and of course Mexican orientation sharing food from a menu of Indian inspired food, prepared by a now "not so Swedish" person living in the Russmill (Ryssmöllan) on the Kullabygdens Utmarker.  Menu included Cinnamon Chicken, Golden Pilaf and Raita, with Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream as a not so Indian "finish".  A pleasant evening in the company of nice people.  Fun!

Found a collage of "Fall Pictures From Around The World" forwarded to us from a friend and  coworker at Hewlett Packard this morning and yes how I / we delight in this time of year.  It is my absolute favorite season!  Wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I was born in this season ?

The beauty here is amazing!  Walking the dog is something I / we  could do ALL day, everyday.... in this vividly, colorful countryside and not ever get tired of the scenery.  It is always changing.  Rain, sunshine, haze, mist or thick fog it is always beautiful in all it's variations.
So, I might suggest that pictures of fall...... if you want to see some wonderful examples of exceptional beauty, you can  find it  here, in our backyard.

Oh, simple pleasures!  How I love feeding the ducks!
I the former "Chicken Mama" is still in love with the feathered friends.  We used to live with upward of seventy chickens.  Beautiful birds producing eggs of various colors and about  thirty peafowl and many guinea fowl so for me feeding the ducks is one of those really special things I truly enjoy.  Could be that my delight for the feathered ones might have its origin in those Sundays when I was a little girl and my Uncle Gunnar would take us kids to Svan Dammen in Uppsala to feed the swans and the ducks.  The enjoyment persists!

In any event, Fall or Autumn in the northern region of the world is a colorful spectacle.  Every single changing day........... Soon the color will be gone.  Replaced by fields in black and skies of gray, yet another variation of a beautiful landscape.  Never boring, never the same.

This last October was the warmest since they started keeping track of temperatures here, I read in the paper yesterday.  The warmest October in 250 years!  Wow, thats a long time tracking.  The morning temps have been in the fifties, with fog hanging like gossamer veils.  Sort of wafting, very magical.  This morning it was cooler.  Hundreds of geese gathering up high chattering and squawking.  Seemingly trying to find their bearings.  Heading south.  Hmm?  Wonder if they know the end of this balmy fall weather is coming?

The candle supply is full.  Have done the IKEA visit to stock up.  Not dreading the dark!  Nope, looking forward to lighting many candles, curling up and enjoying  the glow.... and NO, one can NOT  have too many Fall Photos, no we  can't.

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