Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What does one do?

Suddenly extremely empty around here! Several things were attempted in an effort to stave off the empty and the lonely feeling, some more successfully than other.
Walk the beautiful dog!
Weed whack!
Cook Soup with early summer veggies!
Pull weeds!
Make a Peach Tart!
Have lunch in the sun!
Walk the dog!

Linnea is back where she belongs.  We Skyped Friday morning........ what a miraculous medium, the computer!  Found out all is well in central California.

Fredrik too is back in work mode.  In good old So.Cal seems he is way too far away just of a sudden!  The children and their Mom will be spending the rest of the summer in Southern Sweden, so hopefully we will have more opportunities to be together.

The little "rug rats" were here for  a couple of short visits, one of which the parents went off to celebrate a wedding anniversary ALONE.  Went to dinner and actually ate while the food was warm, imagine that!

Student sailing ships.
Two were in Helsingborg for the day.
What an adventure for the students.

Days pass all too quickly, the countryside is absolutely wonderful.  Walking in Jonstorp this morning along the water, continuing through the old shrimp fishing village with gardens around the quaint little houses in full bloom, so abundant with color and fragrance it is breathtaking!

Jonstorp.  The water is cool.
Jonstorp.  A boat would be nice sometimes.
Near Viken.  Coastal meadows.
Always amazing.
Can sit here for hours.
Always changing.
Always new.

Glorious weather.  Perfect!  Tomorrow will be a good day to wash the bedding and hang the sheets to dry in the sun and the wind.

Maud comes next.  Can't wait!

That is it for now, "Love what is"  as Rich said, since there is nothing else......

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