Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Visit

Oh joy!  It was just way too short we thought, yet realize how lucky we were to have had her here at all.
There were many walks with Ralle, we went on a few little trips, checked out some nice parks and lucky for us you do not have to go far to do that.  Some shopping was done here and there, at Väla, at Råå, as well as in Helsingborg.  A speed trip to Copenhagen, Denmark for window shopping primarily.
There was a Student Fest to attend, a movie to see with a friend, a pizza night, a party at the beach, a dinner in Nyhamnsläge, among some of the highlights.  Hard for us "old fogies" to stay up so late.  It used to be so easy, didn't it?

Loved every second! Want more! Soon !
Who's  next ?

Here is a smattering, a "picture rain" of some of the highlights........... pictures that  are worth more than a thousand words.

Arrival at Copenhagen Airport
High School graduation party at our neighbors.
Helping out in the kitchen.
She wants to be a Chef.
A BBQ with our neighbors on our deck.
A visit to a candle factory.
Much to choose from.
A picnic stop.  Ralle likes it too.
Ralle and Linnea became very good friends.
We got the situation under control.
Enjoying the ride.
At Hovdala castle.
Neta and Linnea in step.
At Sofiero.
Sofiero ceramic art exhibit.  Which dress do I like best?
Meeting Freddy and his family at CPH airport.
Visiting Mölle.
A walk in Jonstorp.
At Viken.
Viken pier.
Playing in Viken

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  1. Linea (spelling?) has become a beautiful young lady. It has been such a long time since we have seen her. Recognized many of the places we visited when we were there. Suppose she is off to college this fall?