Saturday, July 2, 2011

Something Exceptional?

There was a plan being laid out for me to go to Stockholm to visit my dearest Auntie Helmi.  Wanted to get my hair "done" just before, so as to look my best.  Called to make an appointment to Eva at the shop in Ödåkra where David also gets his hair trimmed.  No, Eva did not have time as she was going on vacation the day I needed to have her help me.  OK, could Jeaneth the other lady who worked there help me.  Yes, she could.

A week or so before I was leaving for Stockholm I got a call from the hair salon, Eva would help me prior to leaving on her trip.  Wow, that was fabulous for me to hear!
There is for me no way of knowing why she would take the time for me on that precious day when she was leaving on holiday, but I was thrilled. She took care of me, only me as I was her only client that morning. She did her magic!  I was happy, as each time before.  Then I realized that she had come to work that morning especially for me, imagine that!

So, naturally I write her a note to say Thank You!  Full well realizing that was a  very special effort on her part, something I see WAY too little of here.  Service.???   Forget it!  Many Swedes do NOT know how to provide that very essential thing.  Nor does anyone here expect it. Much less know how to handle it if they find it.  Sorry, all you my Swedish friends and relatives, I do not want to offend, but to me, you guys have no clue as to what SERVICE is, sorry.  I hardly ever see it, though granted there are a few exceptions.

When I returned from Stockholm I sent Eva a note telling her how thrilled I was that she took the time to help me with my haircut even though I knew she was supposed to be off on vacation.  I realized it was beyond "the call" so to speak, thanked her for what I felt was a SPECIAL treatment, and a real, a truly SPECIAL effort on her part.  Especially impressive to me, when I see such lack in service here.

Low and behold, today I received a letter in the mail from Eva.  She tells me that in all her plus thirty some years in the business she has NEVER received a note of gratitude!  She has NEVER been given a special Thank You from any one, for coming early or staying late to help a client.  It is ALWAYS taken for granted, she said.  As if no one ever recognizes a special effort.

Eva told me in her note, that her husband who read my letter was truly touched,  tears had come into his eyes, something that was far from an everyday occurrence she said and she, Eva, was so happy that : jag kände det i hela kroppen",  "her entire body felt it " she was thrilled to have someone appreciate her special effort.  Yes, I truly did!  And I told her!  To me simple as pie, for Eva something out of this world! Something truly exceptional! Such a small gesture, something for me so common, something for Eva so unreal............

Strangely, we are as if from two different worlds.  Is that weird or what?

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