Thursday, May 1, 2014

Getting My Butt in Gear.. and Garbo, Of Course!

A blogger friend recently talked about Blogger Abstinence as she was having technical difficulties. Can't say that I have any such excuse.  I have NO excuse!

So much has happened.  At the same time, might  I say, that not much has happened.

You know... nothing earth shattering here in our little part of the world anyway.

Thinking of the news about people and homes being literally blown  away in Arkansas, while Garbo and I walked through our (at the moment) safe neighborhood, the other morning!

The Dog Park in Morgan Hill did re-open!  We had a very happy Garbo who was tickled to no end,  able to spend time with her friends once more.  And we got a chance to chat with some of our acquaintances too.  The new pavilions are completed.  The grass is green and lush and everyone seem happy.

Then ... as we know they always do,  ... things change!  Garbo is growing up!  Noticing that there was a lot of what seemed to me needless squatting going on!  Sniffing, sniffing and more sniffing during our walks. Could she have a urinary tract infection?  Called my EXPERT advisor

Brigitte Doxtator of Oneida Acres!  Do this, she suggested and that.  Well, with closer scrutinizing.... hmmm, she is in heat!  Well, well!  Forget the Dog Park for the duration!  It is good to know it will there,  when we are able to play with both boys and girls again.  In the meantime we'll just stick with the girls! And our walks!

There was an Easter dinner here with family.  Always nice!
We had a coffee delivery from our own barista!  Always welcomed!
There was a lot of fun play time at the agility field with Gemma and Yuki... Buddie had to stay home due to... yea, you know!

My favorite Boy Cousin is having a BIG birthday and my long time most awesome friend Mona is turning 80!  Good Grief!  How can it be possible that those numbers are getting so BIG and so ROUND!
Now April is gone and May is here.... tick, tick, tick, tick!!
och visst.... "Glad såsom fågeln i morgon stunden"....

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  1. Va underbart med sådana hundrastgårdar. Vill man ge hunden en lekstund, är det bara att ge sig dit. Just nu suckar min hund här under bordet, han vill nog gå dit.