Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Mothers Day

Rather than there being one and only one day a year to honor, think about and celebrate our Mothers I much prefer to think of EVERY day as Mothers Day.  As I frown a bit upon the idea that the rest of the year Mothers are taken for granted. I  lean towards thinking of the one day event,  as a cash boon for florists, chocolatiers and jewelers.

On this special Mothers Day I thought about ALL the Mothers in my life.  Those who were Mother figures for me as I was growing up,  and there were several.  Each and every one different.  Each and everyone gave me a different perspective.  Each and every one provided me with memories, specific to our relationships.  Each and everyone providing  a different "lesson".  They are ALL still with me today,  as I evolved in their image,  or not.  Not only did I learn HOW to be,  but also how NOT to be!

Since I have been lucky enough to have lived a very long time, it goes without saying that the "how to" of Motherhood has changed.  How different  we  played  that role of parent.  From the time when children should be out of the way.. perhaps seen but never heard.. and the carpet beater was used to discipline.  Today children are in the forefront, we appreciate their contributions and their individuality.  Being a Mother however is still an exhausting and demanding business, it is  just as hard to know wether we are using the right approach or not.  Ultimately it is all about the LOVE, if you ask me.  Love conquers all...... and yes,  communication!  One of the most profound lessons growing up, was learning that communication was the ultimate key.  A lesson taught by my "Other Mother" who always had time to listen.  Talk to your children, she would say Remember to talk to YOUR children!  About EVERYTHING!

Today I am surrounded by Mothers and Mothers to be, just in my own little sphere.  My beautiful daughter, my amazing daughters in law and incredible grand daughters.  They all have and will have their own style of mothering.

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the Mothers in my life, past and present!  I LOVE you all!

Happy Mothers Day!


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  2. Synd nog går Ditt tillägg inte att se här, Oldmolly ... men det fungerade i meddelandet om Ditt inlägg. Det hade varit en perfekt video att bara klicka fram här. Tack! Jo, världens tuffaste och bästa jobb kan vi nog säga:-)