Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Dog Park is Closed....:-(

What does one do when that happens?  Well, we just have to spend time walking and exploring our own streets.  Truly not bad!

Every day new!

Every corner  a bit different,  even if we were there the day before.

A short drive to Santa Cruz seemed the thing to do one day.  Evoking memories.  A place where we used to spend a lot of week ends, long ago.

During lent we had to indulge in some delightful Fat Tuesday Buns so, spent some time baking .. aaaah, delectable!

And I was on a new kick.. making baguettes!  Experimenting with throwing some water into the hot oven a couple of times during baking.  Creating perfect crisp crust. 

We had a visit by some of our family from Seattle. 

Took a trip to The Pinnacles National Park .. another trip down memory lane.

There are bats, condors and amazing sights to behold with caves to  explore!

Never missing a photo op driving past a field near by...

or a shot of the old mission in San Juan Bautista,

or Garbo sleeping in the tub!  A favorite place for napping.  She often brings her toys along.  Sometimes wanting to get in, while I am taking my bath.  But no, there is no room! 
Several of our Pyr friends tell me their dogs will not willingly go anywhere near the tub.  It is the opposite here.  It is hard to keep her out!:-)

We had other visitors too!  Maud finally arrived, after several attempts when weather became an issue and she changed her plans.  Maud and I have been "best buds" since we were in fourth grade!  She came with her friend Pia.  Spent a few days.  It was great to have them here! 

Tomatoes have been planted along with some "eye candy"!  Plants that need to be housed on the back deck this year, since we have "dumping, digging, and planter destructors" in the court yard! 

The roses are blooming!

Easter is here!  A family gathering is on the agenda.  The cook looking forward to preparing a fabulous dinner.  Lamb is on the menu...
Happy Easter .. Glad Påsk .. Feliz Pascua .. to you!

..and soon, very soon the dog park will reopen.  It has been reseeded.  Pavilions with seating have been erected for those who want to stay out of the sun.  Garbo can hardly wait to head back!  She is ready and raring to go! 

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  1. Förstår att ni längtar tillbaka till rastgården, men gud så vackra omgivningar ni har! Bra att ni får extra tid att njuta av dem:)