Saturday, May 31, 2014


We were out the door really early this morning, Garbo and I.  Starting out even before the garbage trucks had started their rounds.  Around here, those trucks come while it is still dark.  Long before most peoples alarm clocks go off.

Today was  one of these mornings that makes your heart skip a beat.  Bright. Crisp. The wind stirring in the trees.

Lucky I, awake every single morning these days by being very gently nudged by a cold nose.  Garbo has a habit of getting up on my side of the bed with her front legs, then nudges and nuzzles until she knows I am awake.  Assured, she plunks down on her own bed and waits for me to get ready.  The morning routine for me is a quick one.  Getting into a pair of jeans and a Tshirt, wrapping my hair in a knot, a fast face rinse and a dab of lotion does not take long, then off we go.  Teeth, mascara and lipstick will have to wait....

Tromping through this neighbourhood at the crack of dawn, is always and every day an amazing, refreshing and eye opening experience.  Nothing is ever quite the same.  Flowers bloom and fade, to be  replaced by new ones.  The clouds float in various directions.  The water fowl change by the ponds depending on the season.  Currently we have a Mother Mallard with little babies on one of the ponds we often pass.  Little fluff balls floating next to Mom.

A couple of weeks ago we would pass an African goose laying next to a small building by yet another pond where we walk.  Little did I know, she was sitting on a nest of eggs.  Her "husband" standing guard nearby.  It took several days for me to realize she was nesting.  At first I was sure she had been injured and was dying.  Always in the same exact position, flat to the ground with her neck stretched out.  Then as days pass I finally "got it".

There were to be no babies in that nest however.  One morning she was off the nest, apparently having abandoned her eggs for some reason, much to the delight of the ever vigilant  neighbourhood ravens.
The sun rises above the mountain range at some stage of our morning walk, depending on when we started.  It creeps up above the mountain tops with its blinding brightness.

As we walk these streets in this park like setting, meeting and greeting people, many walking their own dogs, I so often reflect on how incredibly privileged I (we) are.  Living in a place like this! Adding that I have had the privilege to live in various other  amazing places many persons might only dream of!

Me and my dog!
How TRULY lucky we are!
My heart sings!

See the "Happy" Video here.  Dance a little and feel happy!

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  1. You have such a lovely smile! I enjoyed your pictures and reading about your daily strolls with Garbo.