Monday, November 25, 2013

While We Wait

Let me say that waiting is not easy!  Knowing the first leg of the trip is over and SHE (Garbo), the chosen one, is safe and sound in Michigan, that on the other hand gives us a feeling of delight!

There, at Oneida Acres, she is playing with other dog friends and her sister Fire!  Playing in piles of leaves while Brigitte and Denver try to rake... there is NO fear whatever when the tractor is rumbling,  the leaf blower is howling or the four wheeler is driving around.  A tuff little cookie this little girl.  Good we say, as brave and tuff girls have no fear of flying.

On the third day of December the last leg of the journey will be done.  She will be home at long last.
She will miss all that fun activity on the farm we are sure, most of all Brigitte and Denver Doxtator who are the BEST Great Pyrenees fans, the BEST Great Pyrenees breeders, the BEST promoters of this amazing breed on this side of the big water.  That is our opinion.  We are so grateful for their help.
Without their involvement it would have been much more complicated getting Garbo from Sweden to California.  Thank you!

We meanwhile, have had a brief and fun visit with old friends from Sweden.  Have visited the Historic  Museum in Palo Alto.  It was impossible not to chuckle at the sign posted about Americans being too busy to watch too much TV!  Then shopping for Kalles Kaviar at IKEA,  among other things.  Now we are making plans for Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to the food frenzy... after that I vow to staple the lips.  Since the activity level has been so minimal these last three months... man oh man, this morning I grabbed a pair of jeans from the bottom of the pile...... could hardly get the zipper to work!  Must have been a faulty zipper?

It is a good thing Garbo is coming!  No more slouching around here!  Up and at it!  Get a move on! And yea.... more vacuuming!

Admittedly it is hard to sleep, visions of Pyrre Pups dancing in my head!

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