Thursday, November 7, 2013

Waiting for Godot? .. No No ... We are waiting for Garbo

Arriving from "then" to now.  A bit in a blur and a bit of a whirl.
The last two months zipping by like all the other months, filled with everyday chores, work, celebrations and a few fun outings.

The grapes have been picked from the grapevines around the region setting the remaining grape leaves afire!  Weather remaining splendid with fabulous day temps and some now rather cool nights.  The heater has been turned on a couple of times.

Mister Kitty comes to snuggle in bed at night sometimes.  A new behavior.  Cozy!

The last tomatoes have been harvested and consumed.  Peppers growing in our little garden picked and strung up to dry in the kitchen, adding a splash of red!  Mexican style.

Our kitchen has had a lot of activity lately.  We have been fortunate to be on the receiving end of "tons" of peppers of various kinds.  Jalapeno Peppers, Red Peppers, California Peppers, with a few Pimentos and Thai Peppers thrown in for good measure.  Those have been transformed into Taco Relish, Pickled Peppers, Roasted Red's and California Peppers.  The pickled versions to be added to the hard working mans lunch box.  The roasted peppers now stored in the freezer, to be used as  welcomed additions to soups, stews, spicy hummus and salads.  I feel rich!

Last night the Mother of the future chef as well as the current shark and whale counter, delivered green onion starts.  Those were planted right after I got them and seem to be doing well, in spite of the fact that Mister Kitty had to nibble on the tops of every single little plant.  Fingers crossed.

All this, while we wait for Garbo!  As this is being written we have an envoy winging his way to Copenhagen.  On the 12th he will meet up with "The Vi'Skaly's Two," one of them being our Garbo.

The now close to four month old girl puppies will then be flying to Detroit in his company and will be received by Brigitte and Denver of Oneida Acres, to start brand new American lives!

It is with a great amount of excitement, anticipation and frankly, a wee bit of fear we await the new  "little" family member........ what the heck have we gotten ourselves into now????

We can't wait to find out..... waiting ... waiting .. waiting!

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