Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wonderful Neighbours and Fabulous Friends

The last couple of months have been odd.  Not filled with the regular three times a day walks, no nose nuzzles from the beautiful boy, less contact with people and I have had the hardest time controlling the flow of tears, often overflowing  at the strangest times and for the most weird reasons.

The last couple of months have also been filled with sweet words of sympathy from friends, family and virtual strangers.  Messages of condolences in the form of cards, letters,  text messages, phone calls as well as via social media.  Messages from you who understand how huge this loss is, this loss that hit us so unexpected, so out of left field and so hard.  As sudden death does!

He took up a lot of room this big beautiful guy!  Our beloved Vi'Skaly's Ralph Lauren!  Not only literally and  physically, but in our hearts.  There will never be another one like Ralle.

There is a young Mother who lives on out street who have confessed to me that she has been so fearfully frightened by dogs, ever since she had a very bad incident, being bitten by one, long ago.  She has since told me that Ralle cured her of her fear.  The other night she and her little daughter came to see me, bringing Banana Bread and a handmade card in the shape of a heart, saying Thank You for allowing them to love Ralph too.

Truly,  the outpouring of understanding and caring from you, our friends, you know who you are......  have been amazing and heartfelt.  We thank you for the tender thoughts, the sweet sympathy!  We feel warm and grateful!  Thank You!

Now looking forward!  A new life, a new chapter, new adventures ahead!  I have to stop this moping! NOW!!
We and even some of our neighbors, not forgetting many of our family members and most assuredly Mister Kitty are looking forward to meeting our new little STAR!

There was initially a lot of thoughts about trying to find a Great Pyrenees to rescue.  Contacted the Northern California Great Pyrenees Rescue Organization for possibilities but there was always one  issue or another.  Dogs who did not get along with other dogs for example.  Might not like cats , etc.  So no go there!  Consideration also given to other breeds and we visited some local rescue shelters ....... No, it had to be another Pyr!  It is true, we are simply sold.  Committed to these gentle white giants.

When Brigitte and Denver of Oneida Acres told us they were adding a new puppy from Kennel Vi'Skaly's, suggesting we get one too, well the rest all fell into place!  Brigitte arranged with a friend to travel to Scandinavia for a puppy pick up and as this is being written they are preparing for that long hard journey.  I wish we could spare them that arduous trip..... always remembering that the word TRAVEL is derived from the word TRAVAIL  meaning; difficult experience, painful effort, strenuous or toil.  We know, we know!!  Yet, once here, once in their "fur-ever" homes life will be good.

It is with breathless anticipation we await the arrival of  our Garbo and her sister who will become a super star of Oneida Acres!  Rumor has it that Garbo is a  curious, devoted and a very brave little girl!  We have a feeling she is going to be "hell on wheels" ! :-)

Welcome Garbo!


  1. I am late in sending you condolence thoughts after losing your beautiful dog- but I wishe to send my thoughts to you too..... My daughter living in Canada has one boy like that and how they love him... Its strange how dogs take so much of your heart just by being themselves.. they do not put on airs and graces, but they know exactly how to behave all the time. When our dog Sasha came to her time after 18 years, being a Collie she was very active all of the years, then the pain took over and it was time to let her slip away.. The vet came to the house, and we were with her..Well, I was overwhelmed with sadness for several days, and I know my husband was too.. I cried and cried for her. Luckily we had introduced a girl staffie/collie in the last months of her life, so I let Millie sniff her and then she never asked where she was afterwards, but I knew she missed having a companion, so we got a rescue dog, who is staffie/lurcher and who adores her.. Two dogs much more trouble than one, but much more joy too... I hope your new little puppy will love you and settle in quickly.. Dogs are a privilage to know and its smashing when they become part of the family.. Wish you well, hugs from across the pond, Janzi

  2. This post made me cry. But there's a smile at the end! Hell on wheels sounds like fun :-)

  3. Jag känner igen så mycket av vad du beskriver.. Saknaden, tårar som rinner i de mest märkliga situationerna, känslan av tomhet. Men sen kommer de goda stunderna av minnen. När man kan blicka tillbaka på alla dessa underbara år med sin bästa vän vid sin sida. Allt som hänt. Och ett stort leénde fastnar på mina läppar =)
    Vi hade turen att fortfarande ha två underbara pyrrar kvar hos oss men det fattades en tredje..
    Nu när Focus klampat in i vårt liv känns det lite mer komplett igen. Jag tycker någonstans att mycket av det han gör påminner mig så om min Baltzar,
    Jag önskar er all lycka med fina Garbo! Hon anar inte vilka äventyr som stundar och vilket underbart liv hon kommer få hos er. Lycka!!

  4. Oj, som tårarna rullade när jag läste ditt fina inlägg (jag fick titta in här nu lite senare för att skriva kommentaren). Så vackert!

    Stort lycka till med lilla goa Garbo, ni kommer säkerligen trivas alldeles förträffligt tillsammans! Stor kram!

  5. So happy to meet Garbo tonight! Love your blog, also!
    Neighbor Nicole :)