Friday, December 13, 2013

Garbo aka Vi'Skaly's Tropical Cyclone

can you "blow in" Cyclone Style if the plane is delayed?  Who knows?  She did arrive finally, after that short fun stay at Oneida Acres in Michigan.  What a CUTE sweet baby!

Leaving San Francisco Airport,  she was welcomed by Christmas Lights galore and indeed she is a big Christmas present!

She fits right in!

She is a beauty!

Loves those carrots (and other treats)

Well fed and happy it is time for a snooze,

Having to work as a MODEL for her board and room,  hmmmm?

Here in another pose!

After work there was some play!  A fun couple of morning with her "cousins" at the agility field.  She even ran through some of those tubes.  No problem,  WOW! No problem,  NOW!

Can she catch that speedy Gemma?

 and, "How do I get those treats"?

Through that tube again?

Where did they go, those "cousins" who fly across the field?


better run fast.

After a morning training with those agility dogs, time to pass out, time for a looooong nap.

Then we had some visitors........ family friends from "way back when"

Garbo  liked them a lot, they liked Garbo right back!

Here we are, checking out the new "hood" together.  Welcome Garbo!  The wait is over.  This is BLISS!  Now we prepare for Lucia.  Those saffron rolls need to be baked.  Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. Äntligen! Jag var så nära att skicka till dig igår och be om en update, men så kom den ändå! Vad söt hon är lilla Garbo! Ser fram emot löpande uppdateringar från ert liv tillsammans:) Många advents-kramar från oss!

  2. Thanks!! Waited a long time for these pics! Of course your wait for her was much longer! Who's Lucia? Or is that a holiday? :) Congrats on your perfect sweet ball of love and fur!!! She is absolutely adorable!!!

  3. That is Jana's post above! Not unknown!