Friday, October 25, 2013

an A ... B ... C... Day

An Aquarium day.  A Birthday.  A Car care Day....  kind o' Day.

So, leaving the car at the Car Spa we head off to Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  A first for us, after all these years.  Truly an amazing place.  This place was being built by David Packard,  while I still worked at Hewlett - Packard.  His daughter Julie studied oceanography and needed a place to work.  Don't we just love it!

The technology mind boggling.  Filtering systems.  Wave machines.  Water conditioners.  All this run by Hewlett - Packard computers.

We could not help reminiscing about the aquariums in our old store.... the effort and energy and care it took to  keep the fish happy and the tanks clean!  Imagine that  X a trillion!

Several divers can fit in these tanks feeding an array of fish.  Delighting the onlookers.  It boggles my mind.

A totally different world.

Beautiful strange creatures.

Mingled with the more "common" variety.

This fabulous Tuesday that happened to be my Birthday.

The kids just loved the BIG WAVE cove!

I did too.

Jellyfish close up and personal

in many various forms.



Below an "Egg Yolk Jellyfish so aptly named.

Tentacles dancing.



Glittering like jewels.

To everyones delight.

Then we go walking down Cannery Row

on this beautiful October day,

heading for a Mexican lunch at El Toritos.  Margaritas, Chicken Tacos and a Chile Relleno.  Pure heaven!

After lunch a stroll down to the old boat dock,

fishermen cleaning the days catch, feeding pelicans and gulls.

Seals basking in the sun already stuffed!

Heading down the walkway all the way to Seaside where we had left the Car as it was time for a tune up!

A fantastic day with a walk long enough to wear off at least some of those cheese calories?

Then  home finding this on our doorstep.  A reminder of friendship, memories and a long life.

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