Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Taste of Wine

Food!  Family!  Celebration! and WINE!

It has been a busy and eventful time with graduation, travel to far away places, and the most recent excitement, a visit by the latest of our 10 year wedding anniversary celebrants!
We had a feast to prepare.  Getting ready to share a bottle of VERY special wine... a bottle that JQ had left here for "safe keeping" a while back, waiting for a special occasion to open it.  Difficult to understand  how he dared? ;-) well, this was it!  Their tenth anniversary!

With  cactus in bloom in our neighborhood,

our tomatoes ready to turn red, yellow, crimson or orange....

our roses blooming in abundance,

spreading delightful scents in our court yard while we awaited the arrival of the Seattle duo.  Preparing  for the event!  Salmon was on the menu.

What an experience it was, swirling this Clos De La Tech Pinot Noir from 2008 around in the mouth. Yum...  JQ had purchased this bottle  from his (and David's) former boss T. J. Rodgers, CEO of Cypress Semiconductor and  part time wine maker and  wine aficionado ...... even the bottle is  an "event" with it's integrated circuit embedded in the seal!  The cork branded with the year it was made at both ends, the bottle numbered, this one was numbered 169 of 629!

JQ has another good friend who "does wine"!  Steve!  A friend from the San Jose University and SIGMA NU days.

Steve and his wife Laura are the proud and absolutely passionate owners and wine makers at  EmmaLily Vineyards in Morgan Hill, not far from our house.  We were invited to pay them a visit while JQ and his beautiful wife were here.

Such fun!

Much to learn!

With Steve pouring,

talking about blending,



sharing with us various Cabernet Sauvignons, Steve and Laura's chosen blends,

explaining the process.  Not an easy or simple one, let me assure you.

A true  labor of Love, Passion, and Patience!

The end result something fabulous for us to enjoy.  We purchased some of this delectable wine!  Wine to enjoy.  Wine to share!  Looking for another special occasion!  Or - Looking for no reason at all!
These particular bottles will be exceptional of course!  We will be sipping Laura's Love and Cosmo's Passion with a special sense of intimacy....

We,  David and I  - love WINE !

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  1. Oj oj oj, vilka underbart vackra bilder & så resan till Texas, den resan som jag skulle varit med på (ler), jag hoppas så innerligt att vi kan ses på riktigt en vacker dag.

    Stor Kram till dig & David.