Friday, May 24, 2013

The Lizard The Cat and The BBQ Ribs

Mister Kitty discovered his first lizard just as we were heading out the gate.  The court yard has been made cat escape proof!  He has so much fun out there in the sun,

chasing bugs and flies.  Watching birds.  Having "stand offs" with other cats on the opposite side of the gate.  It's great.  He did not quite know what to make of this lizard however.  The lizard eventually dropped its' tail.  Was carried out to the common grounds in hopes he'd  find another place to live.

We were heading off to San Juan Bautistas annual BBQ Rib Cook Off, a big deal for that little town! We were not alone!

A year ago we were there with Ryan and Ralle...... hard to believe it has been a year!

This year it was the "other" part of our family who went, along with car buffs, bikers, loads of "just regular folks," and some "NOT so regular folks".

It is a fun festival, crowded, noisy, smokey, and with long lines at the food stands.

There is music,


some  dancing in the street,

and BBQ!

Eight different teams vying for the title of being THE BEST!  The best sauce, most tender, peoples favorite, verses the panel of judges......

It was a time to dress up,

or dress down,

lottery tickets to purchase, a Shelby to win,

Russian dolls to buy,

hand made rugs,

or a pillow ?

Just strolling down the street

checking out all the stands

and all that  finger licking !

All that sunshine!

All that pretty scenery!

All those fabulous fine dining accommodations

All those hard working cooks

and a well trained rooster, crossing the street at the cross walk mind you, who might be thinking; "man,  am I glad it is pork ribs they are cooking,  not chicken!"

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