Thursday, May 23, 2013

0ne Tomato Two Tomato Three Tomato Four...

Inaugural tomato "pickage" .... the first one!

Early March we purchased the first plants and stuck them in some really good dirt in big pots in our court yard.  A Cherry tomato, a Sun Gold, a Celebrity, and an Early Girl.  A week or so later,  we were given a well established  basic  tomato plant, another  Celebrity,  I found out. It had some tiny already formed  baby tomatoes.  The latter is the plant we are now harvesting!

Oh the joy!

There is, for me NO SUMMER without nasturtiums!  So I had to squeeze a few seeds into a couple of pots.  For color, to "pretty up" a salad, since it is such a pleasure to find a bit of peppery and bright flowers on ones plate,  one  of many ways I use and enjoy  them.  But MOST importantly,  nasturtiums make me think of my Auntie Helmi..... one of the most favorite people in my life.

This is actually tomato # 2
We gobbled up (or is it down) number one, in the beginning of the week.  A confession!

A REAL tomato, a bit of Wasa knäckebröd - crisp bread - hard tack - whatever you call it, a dab of butter, ( aka "glue")  since you need something to hold the tomato slices in place....

some  good salt, and a couple of grinds if cracked pepper.

Aaaaah heaven!  Summer!  May there be many tomatoes!  May the summer be long!

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