Monday, May 20, 2013

With Friends-Visits to San Juan Bautista and Carmel

Friendships!  Strong and long lasting.

Through ups and downs,

and  all the bumps in the road.

Through losses and sorrow,

new additions and JOY!

Neither distance nor time matters  ......

where real friendships exists.

 As a true old quote: "a true friend is a person who knows what you are saying, even if you are not talking".

Maud came to visit!  We have known each other, have been friends,  since we were eleven years old. Where did that time go? ..... Delightful to have my "bestest" here.  Happy girl I was!

Then there was a visit to the beach in Carmel.  A date with great friends from Mariposa.  We ladies met as members of a book club, we read books, met at each others house, had dinner, sipped on wine. Rarely did we discuss the books.  I loved those gatherings!  When I met this very special woman it was for me, one of those "instant connections"! Don't know exactly what is was.... it just WAS!

A meeting  takes only a moment, getting to know someone may take minutes,  hours, or days, sometimes longer......  Memories of every person one meets,  will last a life time.... however those memories take shape.

The meeting between Mene and Ralle had been long awaited. It was perhaps not met with the enthusiasm we had imagined. She, Mene,  reminds us of Una.

Sweet girl, loving the water from the river.  It was a beautiful day to spend with friends.

Birds up above, sea otters in the ocean......

Shelby shy and unlike most Labs not too keen about the water..

Friends, hot,  tired and wet!

Herbie!  Godavary's little "furrbie" also known as "the LOVE bug" 21 years old!  He was waiting for us at the cozy Carmel cottage.

This is the home of an artist, filled with  paintings, sculptures, symbols and masks ...... there is a crow or a raven on the wall ....... (NO I am not telling Ralle! hope he did not notice it!;-) )

The table is being loaded with goodies,

 a  delightful dinner is being prepared, with Herbie waiting for his share.  Food with FRIENDS always tastes better!

With tummies full,  this day is coming to an end, some of the friends are zonked while others nuzzle. What a great day!  How grateful we are to have sweet friends!

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