Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nice Days Keep Coming

Cherry Blossom Time!  All sorts of fruit trees are ablaze with color and fragrance.

The willow trees are turning green.  It seems to happen "overnight" - one day there is no green at all, then BOOM!

The future Chef is working at the Harker School as an intern.  A private school where you can enroll students from first grade through high school at a price per year that rivals an academic year at a good university. It is hard for me to comprehend  that people have that much money,  yet so many do;-)   The first weeks she will be working in the "cold kitchen" preparing salads and salsas of various kinds for about 800 students.  She likes it!

Meanwhile we are all enjoying lots of sun and sweet warm days.  We have tulips blooming in our court yard.  Nasturtium seeds were planted and marjoram, basil, thyme and tomato plants are sunning themselves stuck in some planters.  The rosebushes that were pruned to "nothingness"  are full of new leaves and will soon yield loads of rosebuds. The photo above a view from our window.

This image of  bright  red branches  will soon change also,  to be hidden by new foliage  as we detect sprouting buds ready to explode.

Lovely sunset!
Field and fence.
Blooming Bird of Paradice.... so exotic,
more cherries,
some lime green clusters of blossoms "without a name".

 This a bit of what is going on in our world... What about yours?  Aaaah SPRING!

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  1. You have spring already, here is still snow - love the green view from the window!