Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's a Small World After All It's a Small Small World

How to begin?

When we first bought the feed store we looked for someone to help us design a logo.  There was a graphics artist down the road from us, who as so many of us up in the mountains, double tasked.  He,  Bob, and his wife Carol owned, operated and managed a small Bed & Breakfast.  Carol, in addition,  also had a hair salon.  She cut Maria's, our daughters, hair a few times.

Bob advertised in the Mariposa Yellow Pages and as we were adamant from the start about doing business locally we contacted Bob who did design the logo we used during our 16 plus years as the proprietors of Oakhurst Feed and Pet Supply.

By the time we were leaving Mariposa for our adventure in Sweden Bob and Carol had changed their lifestyle and had become Antique Art and Design Dealers in Mariposa.

We brought them some of our furnishings to sell as at that time we had some precious things needing more attention than a flea market deal.  As they sold our things they would  faithfully put money into our bank account.

Now.....  back in Hollister many years later we walk, as you know, with Ralle everyday often several times a day and Ralle has become somewhat of a celebrity in our "hood".  There is a young woman who lives not far from our house whom we see often and she has told us of her a special affinity with Great Pyrenees.  Her family dog when she grew up was a Pyr.  She waves if she drives by and if she is out walking her adorable little Pug we have walked together.  She likes to get her "Ralle Fix" and we truly enjoy her friendliness.

This evening as I take Ralle for the last walk before snuggling in for the night, heading down the dirt road across The Diablo (one of the golf courses) I see in the distance two people walking with two small dogs and a BLACK CAT!  Getting closer I realize it is the friendly "I love your Pyr" lady. And.... And ... Oh My God....  CAROL!  It turns out that Carol is the Mother of this oh so friendly Pyrenees loving lady.

So, our walk ended at Cindy's house....after a brief stop at the pond surrounded by reeds and loaded with birds both on the water and in the reeds "one of my favorite spots"  Cindy tells us as she  invited me for  a glass of wine... talking memories, catching up and oh so totally proving that we need to be GOOD to each other!  What a delightful surprise.  We will get together again soon....... Aaaaah...  Small World!  I would like to add that it feels good knowing these relationships are in tact!  Not damaged by distrust, or "burned bridges" nor time, fear or envy.

I like it like that;-)     Friends!     REAL friends.

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  1. What a delightful story, and it goes to show that what you give out you receive back... if you send out happy and positive vibes, I know they come back, and how wonderful to be back in touch with your lovely friends from all that time ago.. it truly is a small world, and thank you for sharing with us out in the big world of blog!!! hugs from across the pond, janzi