Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Never Walk Alone

because I am in the company of "the Beautiful one" and what a pleasure that is.

Unless it is Friday -- the day of the garbage trucks!  Yes, once every week those MONSTERS arrive, spitting and fuming, squeaking and clanging.  Lights flashing wildly and right up to our garage door they DARE come?  On Friday one better be at the ready, as Ralle would like to GET those monsters:-) So, I better be on my toes!

We made a short drive to San Juan Bautista last Sunday!  The quaint little town was packed with people.

We had a "date" with Anne-Lisa of +Planet Blue Dog to pick up some dog food.  What a sweet deal that is!  As we feed Ralph Lauren a rather hard to find dog food named Orijen.  We have a very special arrangement with a very special pet store owner who meets us for a delivery when she goes from Carmel to San Jose.  We don't have to drive all the way to Carmel Valley to pick it up.

That is a WIN-WIN situation!  Last time we were treated to home made Lemon Bars.  This time Ralle and Mister Kitty were gifted some dried Icelandic fish treats.  Talk about convenience, efficiency, and kindness rolled into one!  Oh these service minded people.

 Now Easter is upon us.

Plans for Sunday dinner in the making..... what to choose?  What to cook?  So many alternatives;-)

Ham, Lamb, Turkey, or Salmon?  Asparagus with Balsamic Glazed Tomatoes and  sprinkled with Goat Cheese or with Lemon Tarragon Vinaigrette?

Decadent Easter Egg Nest Cake, recipe from Nigella Lawson or the Pretty and Colorful Fruit Salad with Orange Sauce...... to be served with Vanilla Ice Cream ... Gosh, we can't have it be TOO healthy (the fruit salad) you think?
Cockadoodledoo and Happy Happy Easter - to YOU!

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  1. Den där "damen" i gräs gillar jag, undrar hur man gör den? Jättefin!