Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Bit of the Old West

A frosty morning, a couple of weeks ago, Linnea was a working cowgirl at a cattle ranch nearby as she assisted the veterinarian by inoculating the calves while David tagged along to record the event with the help of his camera.  Calves must be separated from the cows.  Shots administered by Linnea!  One hundred and fifty calves!

We  lived in South San Jose when the kids were growing up and John, Maria and Fredrik used to hang on the fence when they were too young to help the Joice family with their semi-annual cattle round ups,  so for us it is a familiar event.

An event so Western.  So California!  Maria's first horse Chiquita used to help out.....

After the bison were gone the Spaniards introduced cattle ranching to California and with it a very special life style,

a life style that still endures.

The "round up"

the penning,

team roping,

the iconic American image....

The hard work,

the smoke,

the brand,

true athletes both horse and man.


calf wrestling.

A Doctors hands.

Team roping,


chaps and spurs,


sweat and dirt,

a team effort to say the least!

Calves and Mama cows reunited.  Back to grazing the beautiful California hills!

The hard working crew to be fed.  Around thirty strong!  Steak, beans, escalloped potatoes, salad, beer,  soda and wine, topped off with home made ice cream and some pie!  Chuck Wagon Style!

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