Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wild Weather in the West & Other Stuff

Storm warnings heeded!  We get out the door in an attempt to get the morning walk in before it gets too crazy.

It was too early for  even the bravest of the golfers to have started Ting off yet so we did a NO- NO and walked on the golf cart paths.

We ran in to a huge flock of turkeys and a hare and Ralle on his long line got to do a bit of chasing and loved every moment.

It was a "two golf ball" day too.  Every day we find some on our walks.  The record being a "five golf ball" day.  We have Pinacles, Callaway, Noodle, Nike and Titleist plus oodles of striped driving range balls.  For me it is a bit like it was with the peacock feathers in Mariposa.... it is not "right" to just let them lay there!  We find them at the edges of the streets where we walk everyday. If you are in need of golf balls just call us!

As we were "speed walking" on the golf course this morning we had a woman come running out of her house in her robe!  "My name is Valerie," she said.  "I see you walking so often and I just want to meet your dog".  There we are, the wind is ripping at her robe, Ralle is really exited as he was just chasing that rabbit, so he is really animated as we stand there and chat about what a delight he is!  Great fun for all of us!

Then we came home.  Brewed a PROPER pot of tea and settled down to check on the internet news.

"A daily drink can help bones" caught my eye.  Sure enough, Urszula Iwanec at the Oregon State University did a study and published an article about "a moderate amount of alcohol for women over fifty-five years of age have a lower risk of osteoporosis if they consume a glass of wine or two a day".

"A moderate amount of alcohol protects the bones and slows the rate of bone turn over and therefore these women have higher bone density".  Hmmm.  I like that report thank you very much!

Then as I read yet another article that said: "Tai chi prevents falls" and I new I had hit the jack pot! Problem was I thought it said Chai Tea another one of my most favorite drinks.... Oh well, you can't win them ALL.

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